Legal Disclaimer

The Select Vendor program is intended to provide agents with information of a general nature regarding vendors that offer products and services related to your business. Allstate does not endorse these products, services, vendors, or vendor affiliates referenced in vendor websites and promotional materials, and the decision to do business with these vendors is at your sole discretion. All vendor products and services listed in this site are subject to the vendors terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. You are financially responsible for any and all products and services you choose to purchase from vendors listed in the Select Vendor program. Allstate may change the program or vendors listed at any time without notice. Participation in the Select Vendor program does not relieve you of your contractual obligations to Allstate to abide by all state and federal laws, in particular Do Not Call, Do Not Solicit, and other privacy-related statutes and regulations. Also, you may not change or alter any documents, letters, communications, talk paths, etc. found on this site without prior written approval from Allstate.